Our passion is to provide the best service available for wearers of custom prosthetic eyes in Australia and abroad.

The one reason we do this is to provide a better service where people come first and always leave knowing they have the best product available to them.

Our clients are with us for life and know that we will do anything possible to get the best results for them.

Jim Durant Testimonial

I could say it’s a miracle, but I know its only your professionalism and dedication that after over two decades of having had to take my eye out eight to ten times a day, yes each day, due to an abundance of discharge. It’s has now been over a month since you made me a new eye, and since then I have taken it out three times not because of discharge (I haven’t had any) but just to look at it. Taking an impression of the socket has done the trick eliminating too much space in the socket. Why any previous ocularist did not do this, or even mention it I don’t know.

I have had many visits to doctors and specialists whom over the years have prescribed and recommended to polish the eye, eye lubricants, antibiotics, eye washes and many others all to no avail. I sincerely thank you. The eye is comfortable to the point of forgetting that I have a prosthetic eye.

Jim Durant
Claudine Snow Testimonial

I have the most heartfelt gratitude for the compassion and professionalism Dwayne has shown our family. He kept us involved every step of the way and Audrey became very interested in the process. I was brought to tears with the end result and most importantly Audrey loved it! The level of detail is incredible and Dwayne even painted a hidden snowflake as like most little girls Audrey is a Frozen fan. I know Audrey has made a friend for life.

Claudine Snow

Thanks Dwayne! You have made such a difference to our daughter’s confidence. Thank you for all the professionalism, effort and commitment you gave to her custom prosthetic eyes. We are also grateful for the kindness you showed to her.

We are very happy with her eye and highly recommend you.