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Your specialists for adult and pediatric prosthetic eyes

Consult the Prosthetic Eye Specialist

When you work with Oculus Prosthetics, we’ll start things off with a 30-minute consultation with trusted Queensland ocularist Dwayne Collins, the Prosthetic Eye Specialist.

During your consult, you can discuss with Dwayne any issues or concerns you may have about your prosthetic eye, what’s involved, ocular prosthesis costs, and aftercare for your beautiful artificial eyes. Together, you’ll then work out a customised care plan that works for your individual prosthetic eye wants and needs.

What’s more, this consultation is obligation-free and free of charge. Contact us today to learn more or to set up an appointment with Dwayne.

Book A Consultation

Our consultation is obligation-free and free of charge.

    Oculus Prosthetics clinic

    Our clinic is conveniently located in Robina on Queensland’s Gold Coast, close to other medical practices as well as the Eye Specialist Institute.

    We are open from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays by appointment.


    Our prosthetic eye services

    Wherever you are in your artificial eye journey, Oculus Prosthetics offers a range of services to help you along the way.


    Your free 30-minute consultation will help us get to know you and identify your main issues, questions, and concerns.


    Oculus Prosthetics manufactures all of our prosthetic eyes using CE-certified, clinical-quality materials that meet the MHRA standard.

    Bespoke custom replacements

    With prosthetic eyes, it’s never ‘one and done’. Eye sockets change over time, so your prosthesis may not fit like it once did.

    Routine review and polish

    Your eye care doesn’t stop once you’ve been fitted with your new or replacement prosthetic eye.


    At Oculus Prosthetics, we are with you every step of the way. And that means aftercare, too.

    Flexible payment options

    We understand that life can get costly, especially when it comes to healthcare. But we don’t want your prosthetic eye costs to be overwhelming. With that in mind, we offer a number of flexible payment options.



    Creating eyes – physical parts of our patients – takes a special set of skills. Precision, craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and an in-depth understanding of the challenges people with eye conditions face are all key to making the best prosthetic eyes.

    Dwayne brings these talents and more to his process – and to every patient – to ensure you get the best results.

    Ocularist Dwayne Collins crafting a patients prosthetic eye.
    Ocularist fitting a patients artificial eye in Robina on Queensland's Gold Coast - Australia.

    Passion for patients

    A deep passion for our patients goes hand in hand with the technical skills essential for manufacturing and fitting prosthetic eyes. From their distinct facial features to their special stories, each of our patients is on a unique journey.

    And we want to share that journey with you, with compassion, understanding, expertly crafted artificial eyes and world-class customer service. Your individual needs and circumstances are at the heart of everything we do.

    Cutting-edge research

    Healthcare and technology are evolving at breakneck speed, and prosthetic eyes are no exception. We stay on top of the latest research and use state-of-the-art products and procedures in delivering and caring for ocular prosthetics.

    Plus, we work alongside some of the best ophthalmologists, oncologists, and oculoplastic surgeons in Australia.

    All this adds up to making sure our patients receive the very best in artificial eye care.

    Customised prosthetic eyes hand crafted by Ocularist Dwayne Collins.

    National winner of the 2022 Australian Achiever Award for Optical Services & Supplies.

    Being recognised as the best in the country for customer service is something we have always worked towards and a service we have provided from day one.

    As you can imagine there are no two clients the same in what we do. We promise to continue to provide the best service with no compromise in product quality.

    You can read more about the award here.

    Very few people can actually change your life. Ocularist Dwayne Collins will, with the skill of his art and his craftsmanship.

    Barry Van EsPatient

    Giving back to the greater community

    Beyond making a positive impact in our patients’ lives, we are eager and committed to giving back to our wider, global community.

    When you work with us, you’re allowing us to help not only you, but also people in need around the world. Oculus Prosthetics is part of the B1G1 (buy one, give one) community, a group of small businesses around the globe on a mission to ‘create a world that’s full of giving’.

    As part of B1G1, for every patient that gets a prosthetic eye from Oculus Prosthetics, we donate a portion of the payment to a worthy cause. This may be fresh water for a village or a prosthetic eye consultation and treatment in a third-world country.

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    Oculus Prosthetics core values

    These three fundamental principles guide everything we do.


    Undoubtedly, eye injury or loss has already had significant effect on your life. At Oculus, we know the positive impact that prosthetic eyes have on the lives of our patients – and can have on you, too! This strong desire to help improve your quality of life, restore your dignity, rebuild your confidence, and bring you back to your best self guides and drives us every day.

    We do this by getting to know you, customising your prosthetic eye for your individual needs, and providing you with the best possible care. The result? Life-changing … for the better!


    Having integrity means maintaining strong moral principles, such as honesty, fairness, and honour. At Oculus, we know that without integrity, we couldn’t properly serve our patients.

    We are uncompromising in that we will always act ethically, refer you to other eye professionals we trust, communicate openly and honestly, listen carefully to your needs, and ultimately do what’s best for you.


    When you’re dealing with parts of the human body, parts of our faces, of ourselves, there’s no question: Excellence is a must. With prosthetic eyes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    Every patient deserves and needs an exceptional eye that’s right for them. We pursue this excellence by thoroughly researching and understanding the eye issues you face – physically, emotionally, specifically. Nothing less will do – for us, or for you.

    Book your free online consultation

    Contact Oculus Prosthetics today to schedule your complimentary 30-minute chat with ocularist Dwayne Collins.