Our Artificial Eyes

“I have been manufacturing prosthetic eyes since 2014. It all started because of my daughter Liberty’s rare eye conditions. My passion to help my daughter soon grew into a passion to help others.”

Dwayne Collins developed a passion for Ocular prosthetics following the birth of his first child Liberty, in 2013. Liberty was born with Bilateral Micropthalmia in her right eye and Chorioretinal Coloboma in her left eye, leaving her with partial vision and a need for an artificial eye prosthesis.

Since her diagnosis, Dwayne and his wife Ashleigh have been dealing with medical professionals in support of Liberty’s disabilities. In 2014 Dwayne embarked on a journey to also dedicate his professional career to helping other families with eye difficulties, through learning to become an Ocularist.

Dwayne started informal training through the use of internet videos and started making Liberty’s prosthetic artificial eyes himself.


In August 2017 Dwayne completed professional development courses through the Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, tutored by renown Ocularist John Pacey-Lowrie.

As there is no official qualification or training in Australasia for the design and manufacturing of bespoke artificial eyes and Cosmetic/Scleral shells, Dwayne felt that this was the best way to get the knowledge and skills needed to open his own practice. Dwayne then completed a further one month intensive training experience, immersed in John Pacey-Lowrie’s private clinic.

While in the UK, an Ocularist video series was filmed featuring Dwayne and an episode can be viewed below for more insight.

Private Practice

Oculus Prosthetics was founded by Dwayne in 2017, now with a new clinic in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia he is able to see clients all year around.

Client Experience

Dwayne works with children and adults who have either had eye loss due to birth defects, injury or illness.

Because of his daughter Liberty’s experiences he knows full well the importance of proper quality of care and product knowledge. Dwayne is working on product development and is mixing technology with craftsmanship so his clients get the best products available. His passion is making sure his clients are getting the care and product they deserve.


Previous Background

Dwayne commenced his trade as a Glazier in 1999, working in the Gold Coast periodically over the past 10 years. Dwayne also worked in the Australasian Oil and Gas Industry before commencing an owner operator business in design and maintenance. With Oculus Prosthetics being his number one priority and passion now he looks forward to working with you.


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